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Koutcloud was founded in 2015 by OCTALPHA Business Solutions as a company specializing in SaaS software. Currently headquartered in Kuwait (covering Middle East, Africa & Egypt), and has 100+ customers and over 5,000+  subscribers.

What Koutcloud Offers to its Customer?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): These services typically provide users with virtual infrastructure, such as a platform virtualization environment and ancillary storage and networking functions. Such services can be paid for on an “as used” basis, similar to other utilities such as water or electricity.
Platform as a Service (PaaS): This category of cloud computing sits between IaaS and SaaS. Cloud platforms include not only virtual infrastructure but also cloud application environments (and applications). Users can operate PaaS services to create and operate bespoke applications.
Software as a Service (SaaS): These services offer users access to software programs without the need to locally install and run the software. This reduces the need for each user to have their own high level computing capabilities and often also reduces maintenance costs.

Going local: Why a local cloud provider could be the better fit for your business

When it comes to thinking about the most cost-efficient and reliable infrastructure for your business, the benefits of cloud computing are well documented. Those benefits are why, in the United States and Europe, global companies like Amazon Web Services (AWS),SAP cloud, Google and Microsoft, with its Azure cloud, are seeing enormous growth. The cloud just makes more and more sense for thousands of organisations, big and small, as time goes on.

But in the Middle East, while those benefits still apply, many organisations are hesitant about moving their entire infrastructures over to the cloud. Sure, we have a healthy ecosystem of new, digital businesses willing to work with the likes of AWS, but more traditional enterprises, of which there are many in this region, simply can’t square handing over all of their data to a third-party provider in a different geography.

That’s understandable for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean that local organisations should forget about the cloud altogether. Instead, the answer could be to simply opt for a local cloud provider. Doing so would negate most of the arguments against moving to the cloud in the first place.

One of those arguments, of course, revolves around data sovereignty. Anyone with a half-serious infrastructure will know that, in the kuwait, there are laws around where certain types of data can be hosted. If you’re working in the finance, health or government sector, it’s likely that your data will be legally required to stay in-country. That means that moving to a global cloud provider, which currently has no local data centre in which to host UAE customers’ data, is a complete non-starter. And it’s the same story with any of the other big cloud providers.

That’s where a local cloud provider comes in. Over the years, several local IT services companies have opened up Kuwait-based data centres capable of creating cloud infrastructures for UAE-based customers concerned about data sovereignty. KoutCloud was one of the first to market with these services, having opened its Tier 4 data centre a number of years ago, and it has provided customers with all the benefits of cloud computing – scalability, efficiency, security, and so on – without the drawback of having data hosted out-of-country.

But data sovereignty isn’t the only reason why you might want to opt for a local cloud provider. The other big reason is support. When you’re dealing with a large, international cloud provider, more often than not, you won’t have any on-the-ground support. If you have a problem with your infrastructure, you’ll likely have to pick up the phone and call the Netherlands, or Ireland, or wherever your data is being hosted. Sure, the SLAs in the contract may be pretty iron-clad, but in practice, that isn’t much help when you simply want something fixed as quickly as possible.

With a local provider, things are different. In the event of an emergency, or even if you simply need light maintenance or have a non-urgent query, you’ll still benefit from the fact that the local provider is working in your time zone, and according to your working week.

There’s no doubt that the IT industry is moving in the direction of cloud computing – the performance-versus-cost benefits are simply too great to ignore for most companies. But if your organization can’t justify moving to an international cloud provider, you can take solace in the fact that there are plenty of strong local options, too.

Bringing Clients into the Cloud

We help our clients plan and execute a migration to next generation systems that allow them to focus on their mission, not systems issues. We are experts at program management, project execution, business analysis, data modeling, data migration, user training and the skills necessary for a successful migration to next generation technologies.

We guide our clients through the full lifecycle of making the journey to the cloud.

Strategy & Design: We immerse ourselves in your business and apply our ‘best practices’ to create a results-focused architecture and design.  We create new business processes, data architectures and ensure you are able to deliver a superior customer experience.  We make sure you exploit the capabilities available with today’s cloud platforms including powerful insight and analytics.
Migration and Integration: We provide the people, process and technical expertise necessary to ensure a smooth migration from your legacy systems to your new cloud-based solution.  We migrate your legacy data and provide tools to help cleanse it.  We also deliver any necessary integration with remaining systems.
User Training & Education:  We are experts in the latest user training tools & techniques.  We offer on-site and virtual training as well as engaging training videos and other creative learning techniques.
On-going Application Support:  We offer flexible, ongoing support services to help you maintain, enhance and monitor your new solution.

Deep Cloud Consulting Expertise


  • We dramatically improve our clients’ businesses by leveraging our network of ‘best in class’ technology partners. Our solutions cover all aspects of your enterprise.


  • We are not just technology experts, we are also business experts. We help you through all aspects of transforming your enterprise: strategy - solution design – implementation – on-going support.


  • We bring decades of proven business technology consulting experience coupled with the latest SaaS solutions. We're proud that 100% of our consulting team are Salesforce certified.

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